Marketing 101

marketing 101

As a small business owner or a nonprofit organization Executive Director, it can be overwhelming attempting to do everything for the organization.  This could include obtaining clients, doing the accounting and marketing.  Now, most entrepreneurs and nonprofit directors are very driven, but can one person KNOW and DO everything for one business?  Probably not.  Let’s take marketing for example.  In order to do marketing right, an organization needs to have one person do marketing tasks a few times a week.  True, marketing tasks vary from organization to organization, but below are some of the tasks needed in virtually any organization.

  1. Marketing materials! This includes business cards, letterhead, and brochures.
  2. Website! This is probably a no-brainer, In today’s society every business should have a website!  Without one, people are less likely to take the organization seriously.
  3. Online Marketing! This cover a wide range of tasks, but typically includes blogging, newsletters and website content.
  4. Social Media! This, of course, means posting on social media, but  can entail so much more!  This realm involves listening to your followers and getting involved in their conversations.  Additionally, running digital ads campaigns can be considered part of social media management.

It is possible for the business owner to do all of the above AND MORE, but perhaps a better option is to work with a small marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses and nonprofit organizations with their marketing needs!  Yes, there are marketing agencies that help bigger companies, but marketing agencies do exist to assist small businesses and nonprofit organizations.  Take Media Services Unlimited, for example, their sole purpose is to assist companies that don’t have a marketing person with any or all their marketing activities.  Their services include all of the above and more!  So, the next time you are scratching your head trying to figure out how to add yet another marketing task onto your already long list at things to do, give Media Services Unlimited a call!  We are confident that they will do an excellent job on any marketing project that is definitely within your budget!