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New Year Brings New Opportunities

The end of the year is usually when people discuss the events of the year, but we are doing it a little bit differently! Let’s take a sneak peak of some marketing activities that should (or should not) be done in 2019. As is widely known, most people are on Facebook. For the most part it is a great…

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Marketing 101

marketing 101

As a small business owner or a nonprofit organization Executive Director, it can be overwhelming attempting to do everything for the organization.  This could include obtaining clients, doing the accounting and marketing.  Now, most entrepreneurs and nonprofit directors are very driven, but can one person KNOW and DO everything for one business?  Probably not.  Let’s take marketing for example. …

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Marketing Options for Everyone

marketing options

  As we all know, marketing is vital in any business –whether it is a large corporation, a medium-sized business, or even a small business or a nonprofit organization. However, for a small business or a nonprofit organization, accomplishing marketing tasks can be difficult . The leaders of the organization may not have the desire or the time to…

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